Reward your Employees

Organisations can buy the CANSA I’m Alive! subscription for all their employees and create an emotional salary
as part of an employee well-being initiative, or simply as an act of goodwill to celebrate the end of 2022.

In addition you will also support CANSA to ensure continuity in fulfilling their valuable purpose in South Africa.
CANSA enables research in lowering cancer risk, educates the public regarding symptoms,
screening and risk reduction, and provides care and support programmes.

Become part of the I'm Alive! Movement.

Emotional Salary

Make the CANSA I'm Alive! subscription available to your employees. In this way an 'emotional' salary is offered to employees, while supporting CANSA.


Exclusive CANSA I'm Alive! Value Bundle worth more than R10 000

How to redeem your growing subscription:

Get the Mylife Lifestyle App, sign up, sign in.

Click on the CANSA I'm Alive! subscription.

Checkout, pay R200 and redeem your vouchers.


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This is a unique opportunity for businesses to secure sponsored content or offer a discount voucher in the CANSA I’m Alive! subscription.