The I'm Alive! Story

South African citizens are indeed living in challenging times. HOPE is in high demand.
Now, more than ever, we need to find and be MERCHANTS OF HOPE. It is with this need in mind that the I’m Alive! movement was born.

There is a movement. A feeling. A vibe.

Let’s celebrate Life today. I'm Alive!

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is joining hands with MyLife Group Holdings,
to create a revolutionary and sustainable new fundraising project through strategic partnerships, named I'm Alive!
This movement will offer our CANSA partners and participating businesses in South Africa the opportunity
to celebrate a stronger country and help to sustain CANSA's care and support programmes.

Businesses, Employees and Citizens can become part of the CANSA I'm Alive! subscription available in the MyLife Lifestyle App,
that consists of a value bundle of discount vouchers, offering products and/or services.
Business can advertise their products or services by offering a discount in the form of a voucher as part of this valuable
CANSA I’m Alive! subscription at no cost whilst creating a new marketplace and strengthening their brand.
The technology behind the hosting and redemption of the vouchers is powered by MyLife, a cloud-based Life and Wellness management platform.

This is a unique opportunity for Corporate Businesses to secure sponsored content in the CANSA I’m Alive!
subscription whilst gaining brand equity and meeting their Sustainable Development Goals when donating towards this valuable cause.
The CANSA I'm Alive! Subscription is available to organisations, to reward their employees with an emotional salary and create a movement to create well-being for all.

Support CANSA with this project to ensure continuity in fulfilling their valuable purpose in South Africa.
CANSA enables research in lowering cancer risk, educates the public regarding symptoms,
screening and risk reduction, and provides care and support programmes.

Become part of the I'm Alive! Movement.

CANSA recognises that to survive in the current challenging climate, we need strong partnerships to help us to reach our mission and objectives.
We look forward to your potential participation and involvement and showing your passion for those affected by cancer.

Who is MyLife ®

Imagine if you could deal with all the aspects of your life in a confident, balanced way.
Imagine if your social and emotional strength can give you the self-assurance and calmness of knowing what to do financially, from the most severe crisis to the achievement of a dream.
Imagine a world where parents and educators can give our youth the gift to live life to its fullest, backed by the financial skills to thrive as young adults.
This is MyLife’s big dream for South Africa. To create well-balanced MyLifers. Imagine where South Africa would be in the next decade if we could all join the MyLife movement today.

MyLife® is a unique digital platform with a strong South African footprint and a vision to create a better future for everyone in South Africa.
With MyLife® you can manage your personal growth, career and financial success with unique tools, guidance and e-learning solutions backed by world-class leaders in the industry.
MyLife® gives you a comprehensive view of personal financial calculators (payslip simulation, loan simulation, retirement simulation, vehicle cost and insurance simulation, and many more) and then link through to any number of predefined providers that can assist you with the relevant products and services. The MyLife® platform can be integrated with the S-Cubed Human Capital Management solution to create an extraordinary Employee Experience in the organisation as part of an Employee Wellness or Reward Programme.

Join the Movement,

Share your I'm Alive! story with us

Do you have an inspirational story of hope you want to share?

All published stories will receive a CANSA Subscription Value bundle to the value of more than R10 000.

Submit your story. Attach your photo or video and a short overview of your inspirational I'm Alive story.